The Tragedy of Kanjuruhan Malang-Indonesia Is Among The Deadliest Football In The World

The riot at the Arema FC VS Persebaya match on Saturday (1/10/2022) was described as "the darkest day in the history of Indonesian football."

Cries of sorrow and sorrow enveloped world football, this tragedy occurred starting from a Supporters riot inside the Kanjuruan Malang Indonesia Football stadium.

Reporting from the national news, the Kanjuruhan Tragedy is included in the list of the deadliest football matches in the world. Based on the latest data, the Malang tragedy became the third deadliest football match in the world.

Karodokpol Pusdokkes Polri Brigadier General Nyoman Eddy Purnama Wirawan has updated data on the death toll in the Arema tragedy which took place at Kanjuruhan Stadium on Saturday (1/10/2022).

Previously, there were different reports of casualties in the incident after the Arema FC vs Persebaya Surabaya match in the 11th week of Liga 1 2022/023.

Related parties claimed the victims numbered 127 people, which later increased to 129 and 174 people. This condition makes Indonesia touted as a country with the second terrible football tragedy in history.

The National Police finally updated the data, resulting in 125 deaths. According to Nyoman, the difference in the death toll at the beginning of the news was triggered by a recording error in the hospital that handled the victim.

"The latest data update reported to have died 129, after being traced in the relevant hospitals, became 125 people died. The number of injured was 323 people," Nyoman told reporters on Sunday (2/10/2022).

The results of the update showed that there were 125 supporters who died. The record makes the Kanjuruhan tragedy the third deadliest football incident in the world.

For your information, the tragedy of the Estadio Nacional Lima and the events of Accra Sports' Stadium Ghana rank first and second deadliest worldwide.

The death toll in Peru reached 328 people. sparked by the anger of thousands of Peruvian supporters and attacks on the part of the police. Meanwhile, the disaster at Accra Sports' Stadium claimed the lives of 126 people.

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