Marques and The Amazing Beauty of Mandalika Circuit Lombok Indonesia

Nusantara Story, Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit. On November 12, 2021, it was inaugurated. The location of the mandalika circuit is located in the Central Lombok Archipelago area of the Nusa Tenggara-Indonesia archipelago. It has a length of 4.31 km with 17 corners. The capacity of the audience is more than 100,000. This circuit is one of the hosts of the upcoming March 2022 MotoGP title in Indonesia.

Before the upcoming MotoGP Title event at the upcoming Mandalika Circuit, there have been many people from outside to see the charm of the Mandalika circuit. One of them is Marquez, the MotoGP champion and the other riders.

The Spaniard looked at the Mandalika Circuit while enjoying the time to look at Kuta Mandalika Beach. Together with his younger brother Alex Marques and several other colleagues enjoy the natural beauty of Mandalika Lombok. Their arrival for the upcoming Mandalika MotoGP Trials.

Marques was amazed at the natural beauty of Mandalika, the admiration was shown marquez through a post on his Twitter account.

"In love with this place❤️🤍 #Indonesia," Marquez write accompanied by a red and white love sign emoticon plus an Indonesian fence sign.

Marquez has also seen from the road of the Mandalika Circuit which will be the venue for the upcoming Mandalika MotoGP test.

The MotoGP event at the Mandalika Lombok Circuit is the first time it will be held, a new history for Indonesia to host MotoGP 2022.


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