Angklung, Traditional Music of the people of Java, Indonesia


Nusantara Story, one of the popular Indonesian musical instruments called Angklung. This musical instrument is made of bamboo from the original area of ​​​​Java, Indonesia. How to play it or sound by shaking it so that it produces a vibrating sound in the order of 2, 3, to 4 tones in each size, both large and small.

Playing an angklung is very easy. A person just holds the frame in one hand (usually the left hand) so that the angklung hangs freely, while the other hand (usually the right hand) shakes it until it makes a sound. In this case, there are three basic techniques to shake the angklung:

Angklung Playing Techniques:
1. Kurulung (vibrating), is the most commonly used technique, where the right hand holds the base tube and vibrates left and right repeatedly as long as the note wants to be played.
2. Centok (jerk), is a technique in which the base tube is pulled quickly by the fingers into the palm of the right hand, so that the angklung will sound only once (stacato).
3 Tengkep, similar to a kurulung but one of the tubes is held in place not to vibrate. In melodic angklung, this technique causes the angklung to emit a pure tone (only one melody note, not two as usual). Meanwhile, in major accompaniment angklung, this technique is used to play the major chord (3 notes), because if it is not caught, the dominant chord is septim (4 notes).

If you visit the Java Region of Indonesia, then you will find this tool being played. This musical instrument has also been known internationally, which is unique and has an interesting sound and beauty of its own.
Here, listen to the melodious angklung when played,

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